Terms of sale

Valid from 1st January 2017

General terms and conditions of sale

1/ The general terms and conditions of sale presented as defined herein, cancel the previous ones and constitute the law of the parties. Any contrary conditions stated on the orders of our customers, are not applicable and can not replace the GCS applicable to the professional directory "Greece Tourist Directory".

2/Any order to insert a website in the professional directory "Greece Tourist Directory", implies the general acceptance by the customer and his adhesion full and whole with the presente GCS. The publication on the site www.grece-annuaire.com of the insert presenting the client's website is planned for a minimum duration fixed at 1 year for the version "Gold" and "Platinium" and 3 years for the version "Silver ".
During the first month following the on-line publication and at each renewal the update of the publication is free.

2Bis/ Concerning the publication of an advertising insert in the places reserved for this purpose, on the pages of the professional directory "GreeceTouristic Directory" the same conditions apply. They also implies the general acceptance by the customer and his adhesion full and whole with the presente GCS. The publication of the advertising insert of the client on the site www.grece-annuaire.com is planned for the duration defined in the contract, after accepting the posting.

3/ Any other requests for changes during the term of the contract may be invoiced with prior quotation subject to acceptance. The modifications will be made after full payment, if the customer makes no remark within 15 days after the modifications, they will be tacitly considered as accepted by the customer.

4 / The on-line module for the insertion of website in the professional directory "Greece Tourist Directory" is carried out in 2 steps: A publication under 48h in the list of the directory of the client module and within 15 working days, a final presentation according to the criteria of the version of publication chosen.

4bis / The online publication of an advertising campaign on the website in the professional directory "Greece Tourist Directory" is carried out on the dates defined in the contract. In the case of a late return of the "order form" or of the transmission of HTML codes Ad, "Greece Tourist Directory" can not be held responsible, no appeal can be solicited.

5 / We only accept websites that have a domain name, for example monbisines.gr/com/eu/fr.andc (hosted sites are not accepted). For professional ethics reasons, we do not want ambiguity in the content of the proposed website.

6 / Our Directory "Greece Tourist Directory" undertakes to provide all its know-how to the proper execution of service requested by the client subject to the technical potential of our website www.grece-annuaire.com. In no case, "Greece Tourism Directory" can be held liable for any publication not in accordance with the possibilities of the site, the same applies to the result of the publication of an insert provided by a third party.

7 / We reserve the right to terminate this contract after a formal notice sent by e-mail, in case the advertiser does not respect its obligations or the present conditions.

8 / The presentation in the directory implies that the referenced site is permanently accessible to visitors who consult the pages of "Greece Tourist Directory". In the event that the accessibility to the registered site is failing, the site will be suspended temporarily, the time that the advertiser corrects the problem.

9 / The websites of this directory must be of good quality, without frame or intrusive advertising, without contaminated links and without obligation of inscription by users, under penalty of being banished from our pages.

10 / Payment is made upon subscription, and shall be deemeas acceptance of the option of publication chosen. Prices are net, VAT is not applicable to our business (article 293B of the CGI). Any updates or the insertion of advertising inserts in our pages are invoiced separately and must be paid upon confirmation of the order.

11 / "Greece Tourist Directory" accepts the following options of payment: bank transfer or deposit of cash to our account, bank checks (France), electronic payment, credit card, Paypal.

12 / The renewal of the publication in the directory is not tacit and remains at your discretion, it will be the subject of an e-mail some weeks before the expiry of your contract, in order to invite you to renew our partnership.

13 / In case of non-renewal, publication will be suspended at maturity, no link will direct more to your website and your activity will be classified at the end of the list with just a phone number.

14 / You also have the possibility to ask us to withdraw the publication of your site from the pages of our directory, on simple request using our contact form.

15 / The business directory "Greece Tourist Directory" reminds its customers that www.grece-annuaire.com, is a website and that is part of an international telecommunications network. The professional directory "Greece Tourist Directory" can not be held responsible for any problems of interruption, hacking and any event beyond its control.

16 / The customer who makes a request for publication in the directory "Greece Tourist Directory", acknowledges having read these general conditions of sale and accept them unconditionally. In case of dispute of any kind relating to the publication in our web pages, only the commercial court of Béthune (France) is competent in this matter.