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Welcome to "Greece Tourist Directory"

Kyma Web has put online a professional directory, specialized on the tourism in Greece "Greece Tourist Directory". At present available in 2 languages (French & English), an opportunity for your business to become known to more than one billion potential customers.

Start your referencing on our pages from now, submit your site proposal. It will be put online within 48hrs with a back link directed to your site and the basic description you provided. The back link will remain active for a limited duration, the time for you to choose the publication offer that suits you, among those we send to you.

You are free to not accept our proposals of publication, in this case, the link that directs visitors to your site will be disabled. However, your business could remain in the directory (if you wish), moved on a list without detailed description nor embellished with images, with simply the name, the place and a phone number (Free of charge).

"Greece Tourist Directory"

It is the solution to develop your activity on the international market !

At present, the only professional directory and e-guide, only intended to holidays in Greece, which proposes to the visitors the choise of reservation online without intermediary.Users will be directed to your website or your " book online "

The directory is written in 2 languages, French and English, each category or page is the object of an independent optimization, to ensure higher ranked on the search.


"Greece Tourist Directory" is at present written in french and english allowing acces to more than one billion potential customers. To promote referencing in french-speaking countries (France, Canada, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxemburg and others) by default, our site is directed towards the french version. A simple click allows to switch to english, there is possibility of adding other languages, in the future.


To advance its position in researche, "Greece Tourist Directory" will pay particular attention to the choise and its dissemination policy in social media and other webcasters. To make pleasant our blog, we will enrich it with relevant articles of our creation, but also, those that you will  propose, to better position your business through additional links and highlighting the website.

Link control

To remain a reference site on the e-directories market, "Greece Tourist Directory" makes very regular checks to avoid links that are not active. For that purpose, we have a powerful tool that allows us to quickly locate deficient websites and immediatly position them "pending" (the quality of the directory depends on it). We inform the owners of the failure of the link that leads towards their website.

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