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Full-Day Cruise to Aegina, Poros and Hydra

  • On 17/05/2022
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Athens is a surprising city that jealously hides its secrets, buried under sacred ground since antiquity.

To explore the famous sites of ancient Athens, you will need several days. From the Panathenaic Stadium to the Acropolis, follow in the footsteps of ancient and modern Greeks. Visit the museums which house collections of statues and other vestiges in several galleries, stroll through the alleys and taste the flavor of Greek cuisine.

There are also other options for visitors who want to take a mini-cruise in the Saronic Gulf.

A mini-cruise that will leave you with colorful memories, 3 islands in the Saronic Gulf to discover, an experience you will never forget. A big group of people of different nationalities, customs and cultures, along with the unique Greek hospitality and entertainment, will travel like never before.

The Cosmopolitan HYDRA with its cobblestone alleys, its unspoilt –over the centuries- unique architectural beauty, as well as the traditional means of transportation that you can find on the island, its donkeys, will make you fall in love with it at first sight.

POROS, with an insuperable natural beauty and thousands of pine trees, expanding from the steep and sandy beaches, making the romance and calmness island. 

AEGINA is well known across the world for the delicious pistachios, the beautiful beaches, the Temple of Aphea and St. Nektarios Monastery.

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