Discover the range of KTEL intercity bus routes that connect cities from Athens and other parts of Greece. KTELs offer a convenient and affordable solution for traveling across the country or to the islands. Each of the pages introduces you to the different KTEL (ΚΤΕΛ) bus companies that exist across Greece. KTEL (ΚΤΕΛ) bus routes across Greece. Details of agencies by region, telephone number, agency website, lines from Athens & in the regions.

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Inter-City Bus Ktel

Discover the range of KTEL intercity bus routes that connect cities from Athens and other parts of Greece. KTELs offer a convenient and affordable solution for traveling across the country or to the islands. Whether you are planning a trip from the capital to a remote destination or want to explore different parts of Greece, KTEL bus services offer you a reliable and comfortable option for getting around. The directory and its classification allow you to easily search for timetables and routes.

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History of KTEL companies

The first intercity bus that operated in Greece was made in France and it had 14 seats. It was considered huge for the time, as the rest of the buses had around 5-7 seats. At that time, to own and financially operate an intercity bus, all that was needed was a simple permit, issued by the police. Each bus was an independent private enterprise and the owners could operate in any area and on any route, according to their personal interests. The fare was determined freely, depending on passenger traffic or competition.

It was at this time that the first laws on the circulation of intercity buses appeared, namely LD 24812/ September 1922 and PD 715/ October 1925.

The first critical step for the organization of passenger transport was the founding of the first joint administrations for city and intercity buses. This progress was halted during World War II. In 1939, the total number of intercity buses in the country was 1,635 buses, with 27,767 seats. After the war, the development of bus transport resumed, because it developed rapidly, because the railway was destroyed and could serve only a few regions of the country, there was no passenger aviation and cars were the only means of ground transportation.

Under Law 2119, KTEL companies were founded, one for each prefecture and each island. Thus, 104 KTEL joint ventures were in operation, 45 City και 59 Intercity. The fleet had 3,311 buses with 79,464 seats.

After a decision of the Minister of Transport, the merger of all KTEL companies into 8 massive organizations of regional structure (KTEΥΛ) came into being.

Then the SW is issued. 102/73 "on the organization of buses, cars and public passenger transport" and therefore the previous regime returns.

On the basis of law 1437/84, a procedure has been initiated to separate the City KTEL companies from the interurban companies (article 24). The KTEL companies changed their legal status and became public limited companies (SA) under LAW 2963/2001. Today, there are 62 KTEL companies, with a fleet of 4,199 buses, which provide 80% of all passenger transport. The routes are decided and organized by decree of the prefect.

  • Attica 1

    KTEL stations, the nerve centers of Greece's transport network, provide essential services that facilitate the movement of intercity buses across the region. Discover the role of KETL terminals in Greece and the different bus stations.
  • Crete 4

    Discover the KTEL Kritis bus lines, covering the entire island of Crete with a fleet of more than 400 vehicles. Find local agencies in Heraklion, Chania, Rethymno and Agios Nikolaos to plan your trips between the towns, villages and tourist sites of the island.
  • Cyclades 7

    Discover the KTEL bus network in the Cyclades Islands, a convenient and reliable way for locals and tourists to experience the beauty and diversity of this iconic region of Greece. Get information on routes, timetables and prices for your trips to the islands.
  • Eastern Aegean 4

    Explore the Greek islands with KTEL airlines, making it easy to travel between the beautiful Dodecanese and Aegean islands. Check out the KTEL websites for these destinations, which offer reliable journeys between the main tourist attractions, beaches and villages of these paradise islands.
  • Epirus 4

    KTEL Ipirus bus lines, with headquarters in Ioannina in Epirus, to major cities such as Athens, Thessaloniki and other cities in Greece. KTEL Epirus has developed into a modern and dynamic company. Discover the history, the network, the site to see timetables and prices.
  • Central Greece and Evia 10

    The KTEL of Euboea, Phthiotis, Phocis, Boeotia, Eurytania and Aetolia-Acarnania play a crucial role in regional connectivity in Central Greece. Discover these transport companies, their networks and their reliable services, essential for local and regional travel.
  • Ionian Islands 5

    Plan your trips to the Ionian Islands with KTEL agencies. Discover the bus routes, timetables and services offered to explore this beautiful region of Greece. Get information on lines, timetables and contacts to travel with ease.
  • Saronic Islands 4

    Explore transportation options on the Saronic Islands, offering convenient ways to get around for locals and visitors. Discover golden sandy beaches, traditional villages and more with these city transportation services.
  • Macedonia 15

    KTEL terminals in Greek Macedonia are much more than just bus stops. They are mobility centers offering varied services to travelers, from tickets to comfortable waiting rooms. Explore their crucial role in travel and the list of agencies in the region.
  • Peloponnese 7

    List of KTEL agencies in the Peloponnese serving Greece and Athens. Discover Ktel agencies in Peloponnese, Corinth, Kalamata, Nafplio, Olympia, Patras, Sparta and Tripoli. All information on lines, timetables, telephone and website.
  • Thessaly 8

    Thessaly KTELs have played a crucial role in the economic and social development of the region. discover KTEL agencies and lines. Learn all about their history and current issues. All links to their sites, the destinations they serve, their prices and online tickets.
  • Thrace 3

    Thrace comprises the territories south of the southern slopes of the Rhodope Mountains and the Aegean Sea, plus the island of Samothrace, it is also the easternmost part of mainland Greece. Discover the list of KTEL offices, with lines, opening times, telephone numbers for each agency and their website

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