Saronic Islands


Despite their modest size, the main islands of the archipelago offer urban transportation options to facilitate travel for locals and visitors. Each island offers a transport network adapted to its topography and its needs. A KTEL transport service is available on the island of Aegina, however it is a local service which will be at your disposal on Agistri, Spetses, and poros with extended frequencies in season, the islands of Hydra do not have no means of motorized transport other than taxi boats.

  • Bus Lines of Aegina Island

    Aegina bus timetables and info. There are 3 buslines on the island all leaving from and returning to the main bus station opposite the Port in Aegina town.
  • Les bus pour explorer l'île d'Agistri

    Get all the information about transportation within the island of Agistri, connecting the ports of Skala and Milos and summer tours that offer visitors a convenient way to explore the island.
  • Local Lines of Poros Island

    Local transport routes | Poros - Galatas ferry Routes | Poros - Galatas Taxi Boats Routes | Taxi
  • Bus lines of Spetses Island

    Discover the Greek Island of Spetses. About Spetses Island Greece, travel & transport, accommodation, restaurant guide, things to do, places to see and lots more.

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