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Sifnos - Apostolidis Ceramics

Apostolidis Hand made Ceramics - Tel : (+30) 2284 033721

Since the cycladic period, pottery has made known Sifnos through Greece & the Mediterranean. 

The art of pottery of Giannis Apostolidis’ workshop "En Sifno (In Sifnos)", passes from generation to generation. It is a family tradition of 100 years of experience !

Pottery lessons on request !


​The grandfather Giannis Apostolidis was the first to work on pottery, and he also initiated in this art his first son, Simos.

The grandfather passed on his passion to his son Simos Apostolidis and he, in his turn, introduced his son, Giannis, to the art of pottery.

Over the last years, he transferred his workshop to Kamares, where you may visit him and watch him create on his wheel original ceramics full of imagination, giving life to the clay.

In Platis Gialos, you will find Apostolidis’ showroom "En Sifno" on the central shopping street.

​Giannis represents the third generation of potters.

He is experienced and creative and he practices the art of pottery, expressing his passion at his potter’s workshop in the area of Leivadas, on the central road from Kamares to Apollonia.

Sifnos -  Apostolidis Ceramics


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