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Here are some of the main KTEL terminals in the Attica region:

Kifissos Terminal: Located in Athens, the Kifissos Terminal is one of the most important bus stations in the region. It serves many destinations inside and outside Attica, as well as other areas of mainland Greece.

Liosion Terminal: Also located in Athens, Liosion Terminal is another major bus station managed by KTEL Attikis. It offers connections to various destinations inside and outside Attica.

Airport Terminal: As the name suggests, this terminal is located near the Athens Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport. It offers transportation services to the airport as well as connections to other destinations in the region.

Rafina Terminal: Located in Rafina, a coastal town in Attica, this terminal is an important departure point for connections to other towns and islands in Greece via ferries and coaches.

Lavrio Terminal: Lavrio is another coastal town in Attica, and its terminal is crucial for sea and road connections to the Aegean islands and other mainland destinations.

These bus stations are the main hubs of the KTEL Attikis transport network, providing essential connectivity across the region and beyond. Passengers can access these terminals to take coaches to different urban and rural destinations in Attica, as well as to other areas of mainland Greece.

KTEL stations, also known as terminals or bus stations, are key infrastructure in the public transport network. They are nerve centers of the public transport network, providing essential services to passengers while facilitating the smooth movement of intercity buses across regions, as well as to certain islands.

Boutique audioguides Grèce

The role of KETL terminals in Greece

The stations act as essential points where many intercity bus routes converge. They facilitate the movement of passengers by providing them with varied travel options to different destinations, both within and outside the region.

They are designed to ensure seamless connectivity between different bus lines and other modes of transport, such as metros, trams and ferries. They allow travelers to transfer more easily from one mode of transportation to another to reach their final destination.

KTEL stations are, in general, equipped with various facilities to enhance the passenger experience, including ticket counters, covered waiting areas, toilets, shops and cafeterias.

There is a lot of useful information for passengers, such as bus departure and arrival times, fares, destinations served and contact details for assistance services if necessary.

They are generally designed to be accessible to people with reduced mobility, with ramps, elevators and other facilities facilitating their use by all types of passengers.

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