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Panoramique acropole

Acropolis Guided Tour

Once the feet on the ground of Athens, it comes to our mind the most famous monument in the world, it is the Parthenon on the sacred rock of the Acropolis (Acropolis in Greek which means the high peak of the city).

And now we are walking under the dazzling sun of Athens and wondering how to discover this city, rich in history, which has hidden the treasures of human knowledge for centuries. But first, we want to see the Parthenon and discover the secrets of the construction of this magnificent monument, as well as all the legends that accompany it.

And as I searched for answers I found an exciting tour with an experienced English speaking guide. The entrance ticket is included in the price and I really enjoyed the detailed narrations of the guide as well as the superb panoramic view from the sacred rock of the Acropolis.

We had a pleasant time full of emotions and we continued our walk near the Acropolis Museum. The grilled skewers perfume our way and we arrive in front of the restaurant that a Greek friend recommended to us. it's called Arcadia and the cuisine is traditional and refined! I can't forget the special old fashioned moussaka recipe we tasted.

Acropolis parthenon guided tour athens sightseeing

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