Central Greece and Evia

The different KTEL companies in the Central Greece region are essential to ensure coach connections that effectively serve the different localities in this geographical area.

Each company brings its own expertise and specific network, allowing extensive coverage of the territory, whether in densely populated urban areas or in more remote regions.

With regular service and well-planned timetables, KTEL Central Greece Transport offers a convenient and accessible travel solution for anyone wishing to explore this dynamic and culturally rich region.

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KTEL companies in Central Greece.

Central Greece is served by 6 KTEL companies, here is the list with some details on each of them:

The KTEL of the island of Euboea (KTEL Evia), constitutes a fundamental pillar of the terrestrial connectivity of this island, the second largest in Greece. Based in Chalcis, the island's capital, KTEL Evia provides a wide range of transport services, both intra-island and connecting the island to the Greek mainland.

KTEL Phthiotida (KTEL Fthiotidos) is a transport company that provides connectivity within Phthiotida Prefecture, with its headquarters located in Lamia, the regional capital. This company manages a network of bus lines connecting the main cities and villages, including Athens.

KTEL Phocis (KTEL Fokidos), operates mainly in the prefecture of Phocis, with its headquarters in Amfissa near Delphi. This company manages a network of bus lines serving towns, villages and tourist sites in the region and Athens.

KTEL Boeotia (KTEL Viotias), with its headquarters in Livadia, is an intercity bus company, which operates an extensive network of bus lines connecting the main cities, towns and attractions of the Boeotia region, through its services regular and reliable.

KTEL Eurytania (KTEL Evrytanis) is a coach company providing connections within the region, its headquarters is located in Karpenisi. It operates a network of bus lines serving the main cities, towns and tourist sites and the capital Athens, with reliable regularity.

KTEL Aetolia-Acarnania (KTEL Aitoloakarnanias), provides connectivity within the Aetolia-Acarnania region, with its headquarters based in Messolonghi. This company operates a comprehensive network of bus lines that connect the various towns, villages and attractions in the region. With regular and reliable services, KTEL Aitoloakarnanias offers residents and visitors a convenient way to get around.

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