KTEL agencies in the Epirus region

Here are some of the main branches of KTEL Epirus:

  • Ioannina: Ioannina bus station.
  • Arta: Arta bus station.
  • Preveza: Preveza bus station.
  • Igoumenitsa: Igoumenitsa bus station.

KTEL Epirus is an important part of the transport infrastructure of the Epirus region. The company is committed to providing a quality transport service to its customers and to contributing to the economic and social development of the region.

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History of KTEL Epirus:

KTEL Epirus was founded in 1952 in Ioannina, Greece. Its initial goal was to provide a reliable and affordable transportation service to the people of the Epirus region. Over the years, KTEL Epirus has experienced significant growth and expanded its network of destinations across Epirus and beyond.

Some dates in the history of KTEL Epirus:

  • 1952: Foundation of KTEL Epirus in Ioannina
  • 1960: Acquisition of the first modern buses
  • 1970: Extension of the destination network to the whole of Epirus
  • 1980: Start of competition with private transport
  • 1990: Economic crisis in Greece
  • 2000: Investment in new buses and technologies
  • 2010: Expansion of the destination network to Albania
  • 2023: KTEL Epirus is a modern and dynamic company
  • ARTA KTEL - intercity lines

    Regular bus KTEL Arta, city of Epirus to and from Athens, Thessaloniki, Patras, Ioannina and Larissa, telephone with local agencies.
  • IGOUMENITSA - KTEL Thesproitias bus - Inter-city lines

    Regular KTEL bus line Igoumenitsa, city of Epirus to or from Athens, Thessaloniki. On their site, discover local, regional, international lines, ticketing and timetables.
  • IOANNINA - KTEL bus - Inter-city lines

    The KTEL agency in Ioannina is a public transport company serving the city and region of Ioannina in Epirus. It offers bus services connecting different surrounding towns and villages, as well as city bus services within the city itself.
  • PREVEZA - KTEL - intercity lines

    Regular bus line KTEL Préveza, city of Epirus to or from Athens, Thessaloniki, local lines and major cities of Greece with agency telephone

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