ARTA KTEL - intercity lines

ARTA KTEL - intercity lines

ARTA KTEL - intercity lines

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Arta is situated 375 km from Athens, about 5:30 by road

Terminal Arta Tel: +30 268 1074926
Terminal Athens Tel: +30 210 5133139
Terminal Thessaloniki Tel: +30 231 0595406
Terminal Ioannina Tel: +30 265 1027442
Terminal Patras Tel: +30 261 0623886
Terminal Larisa Tel: +30 241 0567600


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  • Pavel Kovar

    1 Pavel Kovar On 20/05/2019

    Dear Sirs,

    I would like to ask you about the bus schedule from Ammoudia to National parks. e.g. Tzoumerka.

    Best Regards

    Pavel Kovar
    Czech republic

    patsof On 20/05/2019

    Hello, the bus line is from Ammoudia Preveza to Arta center, there is not scendule until the nationa parc. You may go only by car.

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