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Shared System of Booking Online 

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The "Booking" option allows you to offer your visitors a complete online booking shared system (CRS), on pages of presentation dedicated to your business. This choice directs you to a website secured so as to ensure the coding of the information exchange and the payments, by means of a connection in https.

You can also integrate and use it on your personnal website that does not have "Book Online", without extra charge. We communicate you the code for the button which you integrate into your site, so you provide a professional service to your customers regardless of the size of your business.






5 € per month

For 5 years

120 bookings (*)


10 € per month

For 3 years

90 bookings (*)


15 € per month

For 1 year

60 bookings (*)


20 € per month

No obligation

60 bookings (*)


Advertisements on the pages of the directory

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Improve your positioning on the pages of the Directory, make an offer for a period of the year, enhancing customer services !

A well-targeted Advertising Campaign, is a profitable investment for your business. We propose you simple choices at low prices, over variable durations.

You can also integrate your own advertising model, in this case, contact us to request a price quotation of your advertisement and the compatibility of the format.





Ad Insert

5 to 25€ / month

6 to 24 months

24 months = 3 Free

Ad Banner

20 to 50€ / month

3 to 12 months

12 months = 3 Free

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