Ionian Islands

Presentation of KTELs serving the Ionian Islands

Each site will give you information on the lines, timetables, the telephone number of each of the agencies and their website. The KTEL companies of the Ionian Islands are a bus transport network which serves the localities of the islands of the archipelago. They provide transportation for local residents as well as tourists between the different towns, villages and places of interest on these islands. It is a practical and affordable way to travel around the islands.

All these KTEL companies play a crucial role in the connectivity and mobility of residents and visitors in this region, with an essential transport service to explore the different facets of this beautiful region of Greece.

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List of KTELs in the Ionian Islands

5 companies operate in the main islands of the Ionian archipelago, to provide bus transport services under the umbrella of KTEL.

  • KTEL Kerkira, on the island of Corfu with connections between the main towns and villages on the island as well as connections to the Greek mainland.
  • KTEL Kefalonia which operates on the island of Kefalonia, providing journeys between the different locations on the island and connections to other regional destinations in Greece.
  • KTEL Kythira, the operator on the island of Kythira, this company offers bus transport services connecting the different localities of the island as well as connections to the mainland.
  • KTEL Lefkada, the company provides bus transport on the island of Lefkada or lefkes, connecting the main towns, villages and beaches of the island. It also offers connections to the Greek mainland and other neighboring islands.
  • KTEL Zakynthos, the company for the island of Zante, connects the main towns and villages of the island as well as connections to the mainland and other neighboring islands.
  • Kefalonia - KTEL bus - Intercity lines from Athens.

    As the island of Kefalonia is the largest of the Ionian Islands, KTEL Kefalonia offers unparalleled accessibility for locals and visitors. Discover the lines, timetables, website and their commitment to the sustainable development of the island.
  • Corfu, KTEL bus - Local, regional, inter-city lines

    Need information for your trips to Corfu? The local KTEL agencies in Kerkira are there to provide you with information. Discover the bus lines to explore the island with ease on the company's website.
  • LEFKADA (Lefkada) - KTEL bus - Inter-city lines

    KTEL Lefkadas transport is much more than just a transport company, it is the symbol of the vitality and resilience of the island of Lefkada. It offers travelers an authentic and unforgettable experience through villages, picturesque landscapes and rich c
  • ZANTE (Zakynthos) - KTEL bus - Inter-city lines

    Zakynthos Island KTEL, also known as Zakynthos, is the main public transportation system on the island. You will find on our page a general presentation of its history, its operation as well as its local and regional lines.
  • kythira


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