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Hébergement en GrèceHotels and Accommodations

Explore a wide selection of accommodation in mainland Greece as well as its islands, sorted by region and tailored to your preferences in terms of category and style. You benefit from the assurance of finding the best price for your stay, without any intermediary, thanks to a direct reservation on the owner's official website. Looking for a peaceful seaside retreat, a picturesque mountain getaway, or an authentic experience you will find the ideal accommodation.

Location de véhicule en direct sans intermédiaire partout en Grèce.

Vehicle Rentals

Discover a wide range of vehicle rentals throughout Greece, adapted to your needs and your budget. Whether you plan to explore spectacular coastal roads, visit remote archaeological sites or venture into picturesque inland villages, we'll find the perfect rental solution for you. These agencies have a wide selection of cars, motorcycles, bicycles and even all-terrain vehicles available.

W 9Taxi-Transfer Driver

Explore the options available for your transfers from airports, ports, apartment rentals or hotels anywhere in Greece or the islands. Guarantee you a stress-free journey and a smooth transition to your final destination. Whether you arrive by plane, by boat or simply want to move from one location to another, discover a variety of transfer services to meet your needs, whether solo, family or group, there has suitable solutions.

Book your ferry crossings

Traversées Maritimes vers les îles grecques

Sailing to the islands

Explore our directory and discover the companies that provide connections to the Greek islands. Whether you are looking for ferry connections, classic or fast boats, our directory lists reliable and reputable companies serving the different Greek islands. Take advantage of our resource to plan your trips to the islands, whether for relaxing vacations on sunny beaches, cultural escapes in picturesque villages, or action-packed adventures in the great outdoors.

W 9

Inter-City Bus Ktel

Discover the range of KTEL intercity bus routes that connect cities from Athens and other parts of Greece. KTELs offer a convenient and affordable solution for traveling across the country or to the islands. Whether you are planning a trip from the capital to a remote destination or want to explore different parts of Greece, KTEL bus services offer you a reliable and comfortable option for getting around. The directory and its classification allow you to easily search for timetables and routes.

Athens Transport and OSE Trains

There you will discover the suburban network of the Athens region as well as the metro and public transport networks in the cities of Athens and Thessaloniki, which provide convenient travel options. Train lines connecting Athens to other parts of Greece provide a comfortable option for travelers wishing to explore the country. Whether you want to venture to Thessaloniki, Delphi or Meteora, the rail network offers some good destinations accessible from the capital.

Ancient sites of Greece

Explore the historical wealth of Greece by discovering a multitude of ancient sites in Athens, in the regions and on the Greek islands, ranging from the most famous sites to little-known treasures, discover the history and culture of this country fascinating. Our platform offers you information to plan your routes, prices and opening times. Information that allows you to organize your visits. Take advantage of the ease of reserving your tickets or purchasing audioquids for certain visits and sites.

Audio guide store Greece

Museums of Greece

Greece's cultural wealth is on display in a multitude of museums in Athens, in the regions and on the Greek islands, which offer a fascinating immersion into the history, art and tradition of this captivating country. From renowned archaeological museums to quaint folk museums to themed museums, you'll have easy access to these cultural institutions categorized by region. You can easily search for pricing information and opening hours for each museum to plan your visit.

Tours-Excursions- visits and discovery of sites and regions

Visits and Excursions

Discover Greece at your own pace with guided tours suitable for all styles of travelers. Opt for the intimacy of private accompaniment for a tailor-made experience, or join the excitement of a lively group to share memorable moments. Discover the places with audio-guided accompaniment or explore the treasures of history with expert guides. Whatever your choice, the visits, with audio guide, or with a guide, will promise you an enriching discovery of Greece.

Holiday stays in Greece

Our directory selects local partners who offer a varied range of stays, self-drive tours and trips to the Greek islands without intermediary. Whether you want to relax on the pristine beaches of the Cyclades, explore the historic sites of Crete or discover the unspoiled landscapes of Rhodes, our partners offer options to suit all types of travelers. With itineraries designed to offer an authentic and immersive experience, for unforgettable moments.

Greek Islands Cruises

The hidden treasures of the Greek islands with our local partners offering mini-cruises to explore the wonders of their surroundings. Dive into the crystal clear waters of the Aegean or Ionian Sea, discover secluded coves, idyllic beaches and historic sites inaccessible by land. Our local partners offer you an authentic and immersive experience, highlighting the natural beauty and cultural richness of the islands, they promise you magical moments.

Sailboat rental - Skipper

Our web guide offers a diverse range of possibilities for an unforgettable vacation in the Aegean or Ionian Sea. Whether you are an experienced sailor or a novice, you will choose the sailboats available for rental, with or without a skipper. Set off on an adventure from the ports of the Greek islands or Greece's main coastal towns, and sail to enchanting destinations, from secluded coves to bustling ports. With flexible rental options, customizable itineraries and professional support.

Telephone and Internet in Greece

Useful pages to facilitate your Internet and telephone connections during your stay in Greece. Whether you need network access, want units for surfing off-WiFi, staying in touch with loved ones, working on the go, or simply searching for information on local attractions. The pages include local operators and mobile providers in Greece. Discover the price offers, prepaid plans and roaming services available.

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